Do you support the death penalty?

In the website I picked if people support the death penalty. Throughout the whole United States there are 11,643,472 people who voted that they do support it which is 71%. There are 4,660,140 people who voted that they do not which is 29%. In Illinois there are 501,219 people who voted yes and 227,293 people who voted no. Between Democrats and Republicans, 64% of Democrats voted yes and 90% of the Republicans voted yes. That means 36% of Democrats voted no and 10% of Republicans voted no. With race, 5,978,211 whites voted yes making it 73% and 2,203,717 voted no which makes up 27% of them that voted no. 89,356 people that are African American voted that they do support it and 41,840 voted they don’t. 72% of Native Americans voted yes they do and 28% of them voted they don’t support it. 66% of Asians with 3,681 voted they do, and 34% with 1,872 votes said they don’t. 66% with 3,014 votes of other race voted yes and 34% of them with 1,543 voted they don’t. 5,948 people with income less then 25k voted yes which is 70% and 2,555 voted no which makes 30%. 64% of people with income over 200k voted yes they support it with 4,325 votes and 36%  with 2,436 votes said no. From people who are married 72% of them said yes and 28% said no. People who graduated high school with their diploma, 33,651 of them voted yes and 12,241 voted no. Finally, 63% of people with their doctorate degree voted yes and 37% of them voted no.